C++Now conference will be held on May 6-11, 2018 in Aspen, Colorado. Mateusz Pusz was selected to deliver 2 talks there:

See you there! :-)


If you would like to take part in 4Developers conference and you still did not buy the tickets, you may use "MateuszZaprasza" code that will give you 25% discount :-D

4developers pusz

We are now on the ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting in Jacksonville, FL, USA. A lot of stuff is happening here. We work on modules, coroutines, concepts, contracts, ranges, executors, reflection, and many other subjects in hope to make them ready for C++20.


The agenda of 4Developers conference is now online. Please feel invited to join us in the C++ room :-)


I was invited to become a member of the Program Board of 4Developers conference in Warsaw. We are looking for C++ speakers. If you would like to take part in the very first edition of that conference with the official C++ path please do not hesitate to register your talk.


I will be conducting a full-day workshop on Modern C++ Design the day before InfoShare 2018 conference in Gdańsk. Please feel invited to register and join!


My talks that I gave on code::dive 2017 conference are online now:

All of my conference talks can be also found in Resources.


Today code::dive 2017 conference started in Wrocław. It is one of the biggest C++ conferences in the world. 1700 people are enjoying it here for free. There is also a live feed on YouTube and videos recordings from all talks will be available soon. We have many great speakers here.

It turned out that yesterday I was asked to provide yet another talk here as one of the speakers didn't arrive. So I will be providing two talks on Wednesday. See you there! :-)


Next week we will have ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting in Albuquerque, NM, USA. The primary objective is to finish work on Modules TS and push it to publication. I hope we will succeed to find the consensus on that subject.


We will have 4Developers Gdańsk conference today. I was invited to its Program Board and was responsible for organizing C++ path. I hope we did good and that we will have an awesome conference here in Gdańsk. See you there! :-)

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