It is the second time Mateusz Pusz was invited to become a member of the Program Board of 4Developers Gdańsk conference and we are looking for C++ speakers! If you would like to provide a C++ talk please submit new speech through conference page. If you know someone who might be interested in doing that, please let him know. In any case, please consider joining the audience. See you at the conference! :-)


The talk submitted by Mateusz Pusz for Meeting C++ was voted as one of the best subjects of that conference. Congratulations!


The ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting in Rapperswil, Switzerland is over now. We had a significant progress on contracts, concepts and ranges. There are still some controversies around coroutines thus the TS did not move to the IS yet. We still hope to make them ready for C++20.


Talks that Mateusz Pusz provided at C++Now 2018 conference are online now:

All the best conference talks performed by TrainIT trainers can be found at Resources.


InfoShare 2018 is a big IT conference in Gdańsk and it starts in less than 3 weeks from now. Mateusz Pusz will be providing there a full day workshop on Modern C++. He was also asked to give an interview for StrefaKodera.

strefa kodera

Mateusz Pusz will be providing an open workshop at Stacja IT on Modern C++ Idioms. Please feel invited.

stacja it

C++Now conference will be held on May 6-11, 2018 in Aspen, Colorado. Mateusz Pusz was selected to deliver 2 talks there:

See you there! :-)


If you would like to take part in 4Developers conference and you still did not buy the tickets, you may use "MateuszZaprasza" code that will give you 25% discount :-D

4developers pusz

We are now on the ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting in Jacksonville, FL, USA. A lot of stuff is happening here. We work on modules, coroutines, concepts, contracts, ranges, executors, reflection, and many other subjects in hope to make them ready for C++20.


The agenda of 4Developers conference is now online. Please feel invited to join us in the C++ room :-)