Last week Jason Turner, Nicolai Josuttis, Rainer Grimm, Klaus Iglberger, and Mateusz Pusz met with the hosts of to talk about why training is valuable and to explain the particular challenges of such a profession in the days of social distancing.

Among others, C++ trainers discussed the benefits and issues with delivering the trainings and workshops in the online form. It turns out that online live training does not have to be a worse experience than participating in a face-to-face one. Of course, in such a case, there is a downside of not being in the same physical room with a trainer. On the other hand, Mateusz Pusz referred to the experience of the Bottega professional trainers group who provided several such trainings already and report them to be as effective as the traditional ones. The students stayed focused and active for 8 hours a day. Modern videoconferencing software providing breakout rooms, polls, parallel video and high-resolution screen sharing feeds helps a lot here. All of this allowed the trainers to deliver the whole training material with no issues. Also, students taking part in those trainings were happy with such form of delivery. The feedback they provided in the post-training questionnaire was comparable to the one gathered after a workshop delivered in regular times.

Additionally, nearly at the end of the chat, Mateusz Pusz noted that the online form of training actually might be superior to the traditional one in case of open trainings. "Closed" trainings are requested by a specific company, are delivered at its premises, and are provided only for its engineers, which means that they are closed to external participants. On the other hand, open trainings are open to everyone but are harder to organize, thus they are provided less often. Additionally, they require participants to travel to a distant place of training, which besides additional time needed for it, also adds travel and accommodation costs to the training's registration fee.

Open Online Live Training joins the best parts of both cases. They are open to everyone interested around the world. They provide a safe environment out of the workplace and away from colleagues. In most cases, they are delivered for small groups only (8-12 engineers), which differs from traditional closed trainings where the company requesting the training often fits 20 employees in one room or open workshops on conferences where you can share the room with 30 (or even 40) students.

In the case of Open Online Live Training you do not have to wait for a training budget at your company or for your employer to decide to hire a professional trainer to do the job right. You can easily participate without the need to leave your home (no time or money needed for travel). Also, it is you who decides what time suits you best (weekdays, weekends, timezone, etc.). Last but not least, you will have an excellent opportunity to meet and network with peer enthusiasts and experts from other organizations from all over the world.

If you are interested in taking part in an Open Online Live Training provided by Train IT please refer to the Online page on our website.

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