It was a very busy week. First hosting C++ path of 4Developers 2019 conference on Monday, and then attending ACCU 2019 conference in Bristol, UK for the rest of the week.

This time Mateusz Pusz provided 2 talks there. First one was the overview of the current state of the art in the subject of dimensional analysis and physical units conversions followed by a proposal of solutions that could be applied to make the user experience better. The second one was a low-latency related talk describing how one can improve the performance of runtime polymorphism in the C++ project.

ACCU 2019 was great. Many great speakers, a really good audience, a lot of friends from the C++ Community, and amazing hosts. Thank you all!!!


See you in Aspen ;-)



4Developers 2019 is over now. 2300 people attended the conference. We had a really strong C++ path this year: 4 members of the ISO C++ Committee, Microsoft MVP, other great speakers, and many experts in the audience. Many thanks to everyone who helped to organize and participated in that event.

To all of those that couldn't attend, don't worry. The path was delivered in English, all the talks were recorded and will appear online sooner or later ;-)

Thanks, again! We hope to see you all again in the next year! :-)



We would like to invite you to take part in the C++ path of the 4Developers conference in Warsaw on April 8, 2019. We are proud that Mateusz Pusz is the Conference Program Board member exclusivly responsible for C++ subject on that great event. Please also note that it is the only English-only path of the conference. The same as a year ago, we host world-wide C++ experts who prepared new exciting lectures for you. If you would like to meet 4 members of the ISO C++ Committee, talk with Microsft MVP, or get an autograph from a C++ book author, you are welcome to join us on that great event! :-)


Please feel free to use below exclusive discount coupon during registartion process :-)


C++20 is feature complete now! ISO C++ Committee spent last week in Kona, HI, USA working hard to make it happen. We got really great progress here. The most important is that we were able to achieve a consensus on merging modules and coroutines to the working paper. Besides that, the next proposal P0920 authored by Mateusz Pusz about using precalculated hash value for lookups in the unordered containers was accepted to the C++ standard document.

C++20 is going to be a game-changer on the market!!! Let's start preparing for that...



The talks provided by Mateusz Pusz at Meeting C++ 2018 conference are online now:

More talks performed by Train IT trainers on various conferences can be found at Resources.



Post-San Diego mailing list was announced yesterday. Among other proposals accepted for C++20, you can find there P0919R3 authored by our C++ trainer Mateusz Pusz. The proposal adds a heterogeneous lookup for unordered containers. With that Train IT became an official ISO C++ standard contributor :-)



For the next time, Mateusz Pusz is helping to organize 4Developers conference in Warsaw. He is a member of the conference Program Board responsible for the C++ path. We are looking for speakers! Please do not hesitate to register your talk.


If you ever wondered how Train IT trainers are creating their slides you should definitely watch a Lightning Talk provided by Mateusz Pusz at CppCon 2018 conference:

More talks performed by Train IT trainers on various conferences can be found at Resources.


Today is the last day od Meeting C++ conference in Berlin. It was a great conference, interesting lectures, and experts from all over the world. Mateusz Pusz provided two talks on the biggest stage yesterday. The first one was on Concepts and Ranges in C++20. The second one was a Lightning Talk on creating slides with CMake.





The last ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting of 2018 has just finished. That time the committee experts met for a week in San Diego, CA, USA. This time we were able to deliver most of the features of Ranges TS, change the return type specification in constraints, got consensus on concepts terse syntax, accepted powerful compile-time programming features, fixed span, and worked on many smaller things. It also seems that we definitely decided that the Networking TS will not end up in C++20.


San Diego