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"One size fits all" teaching approach fails miserably in IT training:

  • each group has different skills, experience, and background,
  • the development environment differs and provides specific compiler and library versions,
  • many coding standards and execution environment capabilities force various restrictions on developers.


That is why all trainings and workshops delivered by Train IT are tailored to the customer's needs. Our material is always up to date and follows the latest language standards and trends on the market.


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  • CppCon 2018 2018-08-01

    We are really happy to announce that Mateusz Pusz was selected as a lecturer for 2 talks at CppCon...

  • 4Developers Gdańsk 2018 CFP 2018-07-19

    It is the second time Mateusz Pusz was invited to become a member of the Program Board of...

  • ISO C++ Rapperswil 2018 2018-06-12

    The ISO C++ Committee F2F working meeting in Rapperswil, Switzerland is over now. We had a...

Customer References

  • "Valuable, deep explanation of topics, knowledge that would be difficult/impossible to get from books, gather from trainer's experience"

    Intel about Advanced Modern C++

  • "An especially thought-provoking lecture for a young dev"

    code::dive 2017

  • "Very useful training, very well prepared"

    Mobica about Advanced Modern C++

  • "Passion - It could be seen that trainer loves C++"

    Intel about Mateusz Pusz skills

  • "Great interactive sessions, Mateusz kept audience awake and interested !!!"

    code::dive 2017

  • "Huge knowledge, presentation skills, professionalism, subject-related knowledge, attitude to speakers, trainer got answers for all questions"

    Intel about Mateusz Pusz skills

  • "Very enlightening, broadening mental horizons"

    Dynatrace about Advanced Modern C++

  • "Should become mandatory for Software Architects and Engineers using C++"

    Intel about Advanced Modern C++

  • "A very valuable training that really broadens the knowledge and a general understanding of C++ language"

    Mobica about Advanced Modern C++

  • "Thanks for showing what I do not know and what I should learn"

    Intel about Advanced Modern C++

  • "Impressive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, ability to explain origins and reasoning behind individual C++ features being discussed"

    Dynatrace about Mateusz Pusz skills

  • "Difficult, thought-provoking, fast lane towards the new C++"

    Dynatrace about Advanced Modern C++